Extending raid hours

by Nornua2, 177 days ago

After looking heavily at our progression and goals but we are thinking about extending the raid hours half an hour on either end of the raid so 11:15pm to 330am server.

This extends the raid time an hour per night and makes us a 12 hour a week guild which could be beneficial for our progress in the future. 

Can you make this?

This is still up in the air. Please respond to this post asap.




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Watch this... It's why we're salty

by Nornua2, 180 days ago

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Exorsus Raid Tools

by Glorion85, 200 days ago

Everyone should use this tool!

Please download it and install it. 


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Mythic Twin Ogron Kill Video

by depinto, 235 days ago

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Twins Down in 39 attempts.

by Nornua2, 238 days ago

Twins Kill

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Mythic Kargath down!!

by Glorion85, 258 days ago

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Mythic SoO cleared!

by Glorion85, 320 days ago

Well, we got SoO clear. I know i speak for everyone when i say Thank you to Gunbow (raid leader) for putting in all the work you do for the guild. Time to tackle WoD. 


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